Outdoor Adventure in the UK

for sports clubs

Activities to keep spirits high

A PGL outdoor adventure weekend is an action-packed experience that’s lots of fun! We pack each day with thrilling adventure activities that will motivate and challenge your sports teams.

Watch as they improve teamwork on a raft-building challenge across the lake, see who has a head for heights on the trapeze – it’s a great way to bring your club together and watch them encourage and support each other in the great outdoors!

Our enthusiastic instructors will encourage everyone to push their limits, challenge themselves and experience success as a team as you and your group work your way through the series of land and water-based activities.

There’s more to come in the evenings too – we’ll round off an active day with some lively entertainment sessions every evening. It really will be an experience to remember.



A popular course for sports clubs. We have over 50 different adventures for your club to try out. It’s a fun-filled experience with something for everyone!