Llwyn Filly
Brecon Beacons

for Cubs and Scouts

  • Llwyn Filly for Cubs and Scouts

About Llwyn Filly

Llwyn Filly, a former farmhouse, can offer a slightly different experience than most of our centres; it has capacity for up to 50 Cubs or Scouts who sleep in dormitories of between 6 and 16 beds. It’s a smaller, cosier centre than most, which is precisely the attraction for many groups like yours.

The superb location right at the edge of the Brecon Beacons allows easy access to the Welsh mountains and the range of thrilling activities makes it the perfect choice for your next outdoor adventure camp.

Perhaps best of all, our larger centre, PGL Tregoyd is only 5 minutes from Llwyn Filly. So, you can enjoy the sole occupancy of a small centre like Llwyn Filly, while still getting all the benefits of a full range of adventure activities; you really can have it both ways!



  • Groups - Rooms with bunk beds sleep 6-16
  • Leaders - Twin or triple rooms - showers and toilets nearby


  • Dining room
  • Games field
  • Lake
  • Shop
  • Teachers’ lounge
  • Drying room
Tregoyd House Interactive Centre Map for Cubs and Scouts

Most activities take place at nearby Tregoyd House.
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Activities available

Our wide range of thrilling adventure activities has something to suit everyone - our experienced instructors know how to bring out the best in each individual.

And with PGL, you can rely on getting the best value for money: adventure and evening activities, equipment, instruction, food and accommodation are all included in the price, as well as round the clock support during your stay.

The full list of activities available at Llwyn Filly is featured below.

There's plenty to keep everyone busy in the evenings too with lively evening entertainment sessions led by the PGL team.

See the evening entertainment available at Llwyn Filly.

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Cubs and Scouts love mealtimes at PGL
We have lots of choice for your group and balanced daily menus that offer a variety of tasty, freshly-cooked food that will keep up their energy levels.

Why not try our salad bar?
To supplement our wide range of meals, we also have a salad bar where there’s a choice of different salad varieties for some additional healthy nutrition. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s delicious, warming soup available for your Cubs or Scouts to try and fresh fruit every day.

Choosy eaters?
Whether there are members of your group who are choosy about what they eat, have any special dietary requirements or allergies, or just want more food, we will strive to accommodate any requests to ensure everyone leaves the dining room full and happy.

Fun and friendly atmosphere
Our friendly catering team are always on hand to offer help and support to your Cub or Scout group. They will ensure mealtimes are a pleasant experience for all while maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness throughout our catering facilities.

Sample Day

Sample day for Cubs and Scouts at Llwyn Filly
Schedule Activities
07.00 - 09.00 Get up, get ready and fuel up for the day ahead
09.15 - 12.30 Morning activities - usually 2 sessions with a 15 minute break in-between
12.30 - 14.00 Dry off & clean up. Time for a fresh & tasty two-course hot lunch
14.15 - 17.30 Afternoon activities - 2 exciting sessions with a 15 minute break in-between
18.00 - 19.00 Time to eat again - a different menu each day
19.00 - 21.00 Talent shows, campfires, quizzes and more. The evening entertainment programme keeps you laughing until bedtime.
21.00 / 21.30 Bedtime. Catch up on some zzz's and prepare to do it all over again tomorrow!