Essential information

Travel to the centre

Travel to centre

All holidays in the UK are self-drive.

Arrival times for UK holidays:

  • 7 night holidays - 4-6pm*
  • 4 night short breaks - 4-6pm*
  • 2 night weekends - 4-6pm*

*Late arrivals are not a problem, but you may miss the evening meal. If you know you will be arriving late please call 0333 321 2114 or if you are delayed on your journey please call the centre (center numbers will be in your Essential Information booklets available once you have booked). We will then be able to make arrangements for your evening meal. 

Departure times for UK holidays:

  • 7 night holidays - depart after breakfast.
  • 4 night short breaks - depart after lunch. You will be required to check out of your room before morning activities.
  • 2 night weekends - depart after lunch. You will be required to check out of your room before morning activities. 


For holidays in France we offer the following options:

  • Self-Drive:
    Guests travelling to our overseas centres on a self-drive holiday are required to book their own ferry or Channel Tunnel crossing.
  • By Air/Eurostar:
    Nearest airports to our French centres are as follows, we recommend you make arrangements for a hire car as our centres are in remote locations where public transport is not easily accessible-

            - Château de Grande Romaine:
              Charles de Gaulle or Orly aiport (1 hour) or Gare du Nord station (45 minutes) 

            -  Lou Valagran and Domaine de Segires:
               Nîmes (1.5 hours), Montpelier (2hours), Lyon (3 hours)

  • By Coach:
    If you would prefer not to drive, we offer coach travel to our Paris and Disneyland® holiday at Château de Grande Romaine. You will be accompanied by PGL representatives and departures are available from Manchester, Birmingham, London and Dover. Travel is by day via Dover-Calais and all coaches have seatbelts and toilet. If you choose this travel option, coach transport will be also provided during your holiday for off-site activities, please note transport is not provided for any excursions on your free-day.

Arrival times for French Adventures:

  • Disneyland® Mini Breaks - 3-6pm
  • Disneyland® Adventure - 3-6pm
  • Paris and Disneyland® - 3-6pm
  • Ride the Ardèche Rapids - 4-5.30pm
  • Classic Ardèche Experience - 4-5.30pm
  • Ultimate Adventure - arrive at Château de Grande Romaine 3-6pm, arrive at Domaine de Segries 4pm

Departure times for French Adventures:

  • Disneyland® Mini Breaks - depart after breakfast.
  • Disneyland® Adventure - depart after breakfast.
  • Paris and Disneyland® - depart after breakfast.
  • Ride the Ardèche Rapids - depart after breakfast.
  • Classic Ardèche Experience - 6 night holidays depart after lunch, 7 night holidays depart after breakfast. 
  • Ultimate Adventure - depart Château de Grande Romaine 9-10am, depart Domaine de Segries 4pm